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Vineet Gupta

Mr.Anil is vastly experienced and gives honest suggestions to buyers.Going by his advice I went with Quad speaker cables and phono cables.Really happy with the performance improvements.I have tested end number of cables in the past.Seems like this will be my final.

Vineet Gupta

Got Mission QX2 Bookshelf Speakers

Got Mission QX2 Bookshelf Speakers (pair). Never was so happy to have received such a quality product. Great , flawless service. Superbly built and fine finish. Music Quality is absolutely great. I have listened to all genres and formats. It make a lot of diff between Floor standing and bookshelf speakers. Mission QX 2 are… Read more “Got Mission QX2 Bookshelf Speakers”



Excellent service. Promt delivery. I received by MArantz 5004 CD intact witin three days of placing the order. Thank you HiFi Mart